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Yoon Sena ⇝ episode 3

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140926 Mnet: Chen’s sexy cute phone voice 

Chen was voted #9 on Super Idol Chart Show “Master of Snacking” and RyeoWook called him because Chen always asked Wook why he never showed up on the chart

Chen: Hello hyeooong~

Wook: Jongdae ya!

Chen: Ryeowookie hyeooong~~ Have you been well~~?

*Sungjong laughs because of Chen’s cute aegyo towards Wook*

Wook: What are you doing?

Chen: Right now, we are in the midst of an interview so ~~ I am talking really softly~~

Wook: You can’t talk on the phone?

Chen: No, I can ~~

Wook: *suddenly* CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Chen: What.. what is this?

Wook: Super Idol Chart Show Master of Snacking (on junk food) #9 is you, EXO’s Chen!

Chen: Wooow~~

Wook: Jongdae~ya, finally you’ve climbed up in the ranking

Chen: Yes~~ seems like I finally have.

Wook: But really, do you eat a lot of snacks?

Chen: Yes, I do. I eat a lot inside the car when we’re moving (from one schedule/location to another) and, especially, when we are on stand-by like this…

Wook: Are you eating right now?

Chen: Right now I’m drinking coffee~

Wook: Lastly, I’d like to ask you to say a greeting to the viewers of Super Idol Chart Show

Chen: Yes~ Hello Super Idol Chart Show viewers. I have finally climbed up in the chart. WOW~~*laughs* In the future, I shall snack even more and cause you, the viewers, to snack (as well).

Wook: You caught the point well

Chen: Thank you

Wook: Thanks Jongdae~ I’ll call you!

Chen:  Yes. Yes~ hyeooong~ Ryeowookie hyung fighting~~

Wook; Bye!

Chen: Yes~ goodbye~~

Fanaccount of 김형제 (Kim Brothers) Jongdae & Minseok at the mart - shown on Mnet

"Jongdae, who was carrying the snacks & drinks, was whining to Minseok saying ‘let’s just open one and share it (right now)’"

Groups under SM that either wouldn’t renew their contracts under the company, have one or more members inactive for personal reasons, have members who have sued the company, or have members who are in the process of being fired. 

They really screw up with their artists a lot don’t they. 


they’re gonna feel it when it comes to this



always bring the princess in you, thank you


sm: don’t worry we’re on it!


"it’s when we’re all together that we can really shine." - jessica jung
you’ll always be part of SNSD and we’ll support you no matter what 

Jessica x SNSD OT9


girls dont want boys girls want ot9



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The next person i wanna hear leaving SM is the CEO. 

Jessica and Tyler Kwon will get married next year May in Hong Kong and will live back and forth in New York and Hong Kong